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Look Younger and More Vibrant with Therapy Tanning Beds

The dryness that can be caused by UV light is one challenge of tanning. When your skin is exposed to significant levels of UV light, there is a tendency for your body to lose collagen. Collagen is a fatty substance that rests inside your skin that has a tendency to make skin more springy and youthful, and unfortunately, collagen is definitely lost when you have an overabundance of sun exposure, when you are severely sunburned, or when we spend a lot of time on the tanning bed without moisturization.

We also lose this important protein as we age, which is why skin has a tendency to sag and thin as we get older. The over-the-counter temporary solution to this is the usage of certain skin moisturizers that are designed to restore collagen. These products rely on collagen from cows to enhance and revivify your skin, but since this collagen comes from bovine sources, your body does reject it within a few days. This makes bovine collagen a temporary solution.

Fortunately, there are tanning beds for sale that can actually naturally restore your body's collagen without relying on the protein that is produced in cows. NASA's research teams have discovered that when your body is exposed to a particular band of red light, your body starts to naturally produce collagen. This therapy is called Laser Light Therapy, and it is one of the few scientifically confirmed ways of restoring the elasticity and health to aging, UV-damaged skin.

The collagen that is produced through this method is your body's actual collagen, which means that it won't be flushed out like bovine collagen. Additionally, this isn't UV light; it's a red light that is 633 nanometers, so there is no limit to the amount of Laser Light Therapy that you can use safely. For a visible effect, simply use your home red light tanning beds with the Red Light Therapy features to tan for about 15 minutes a day. The results will be younger, tauter skin that will make you feel young again in a little more than a month. You can find more information about these types of tanning beds and light therapy tanning products at the


Other Biochemical Benefits of Tanning Beds

We’ve talked about it in previous posts but tanning directly causes the melanocytes in your skin to emit melanin that is designed to oxidize and protect your skin from UV damage, but did you know that other helpful biochemical processes are occurring as well? When your body is exposed to UV rays it also causes the absorption of Vitamin D. While there is no vitamin D in sunlight directly when the UBV rays hit your exposed skin, your body naturally synthesizes the energy from the rays into the vital fat-soluble vitamin.

It's becoming an increasingly well-known fact in the scientific community that vitamin D helps fight several forms of cancer and even has direct immune system benefits. In fact, it can even help prevent bone porosity disorders like osteoporosis. The best part of vitamin synthesis is that it's very easy to get through UV exposure; in fact, it only takes about 20 minutes in a tanning bed to achieve the recommended daily dosage.

Unfortunately, due to an increasing societal tendency to stay indoors, many people are actually becoming vitamin D deficient, and as a result, there has been an increase in cancer and osteoporosis rates. While dermatologists have wisely warned people about the danger of UVC over exposure, there is a significant need for individuals to still get their required daily dosing of vitamin D through UV exposure. There numerous reference resources on the web but Web MD has an excellent article on vitamin D deficiency (complete with a video) and the health risks associated with the condition.


Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and Vitamin D

Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, affects a large portion of adults in the United States; in fact, it's estimated that ten to 20 percent of depression cases actually occur by the season. It is also estimated that this seasonal depression occurs widely in the United States due to a deficiency of vitamin D. During the winter months, as a result of the angle of the sun's rays hitting the continent, there is simply no good way to get vitamin D naturally. In fact, the only ways to get this important vitamin is orally through supplements or seafood or through the usage of a tanning bad.

In order to get the required vitamin D, ultraviolet light has to be absorbed within the spectrum near 312 nanometers. While this is also the part of the spectrum we start to get sunburns, it's possible to use tanning beds to create a controlled environment that allows you to get the required vitamin D even in the winter months!

ESB Enterprise's Line of Advantage Lamps

ESB Enterprises Advantage Lamps are excellent because they are made to deliver just enough ultraviolet light so that the vitamin D absorption process is initiated. Through the Advantage technology, ESB's lamps also have a reduced chance of causing sunburn as well.

What's most amazing about these lamps is the fact that the company owner had them developed with osteoporosis in mind. In fact, it was his own mother-in-law's battle with osteoporosis that fueled his efforts. Once she underwent and completed a daily regimen of 15 minutes for four months, the owner's mother-in-law was able to regain 20 percent of the bone mass she’d lost allowing her to once again stand up and regain her independence.

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