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Hi i'm Lisa and I'm the proud owner of I love health, fitness and beauty. But between work and other life commitments, I know how hard it is to hustle our way through a busy schedule that doesn't always allow us to spend much time outdoors in the sun or eve drive to the tanning salon.  


That is when we decided to start using a tanning bed at home to keep a healthy color and get enough vitamin D. It was the fastest, easiest method of getting at least 10-15 minutes of sunlight every single day without compromise. Not only did I start feeling better, but looked great all year round! I had more energy, better mood as well as a beautiful glow. I loved all the compliments that we received as people started to notice a difference too. 

As the premier place on the web to buy the best tanning beds for both home and commercial use I trust that you'll have a great experience shopping with The Sun Tanning Store. Our offices are based in Las Vegas Nevada and we ship across all 48 states! 


In business since 2011 we pride ourselves in:

-only stocking the BEST selection of suntanning beds and related products in the market,

-giving our customers a wide VARIETY of products to choose from,

-providing FAST and secure shipping,

-providing the most AFFORDABLE prices on the market; and

-helping you choose the best product for your home or salon!



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We look forward to having you as a customer! 

Happy Tanning!

Lisa and the entire team