Health Benefits & Buying Indoor Tanning Beds 

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Health Benefits of Indoor Tanning

Everyone loves a good tan, and tanning beds are the best way to get that great, even tan, even when you aren't able to go outside and get that tan naturally. The tanning industry is a five billion dollar a year industry, and tanning right in your home has significant health benefits associated with it. These benefits include increased vitamin D levels, which is important for reducing the chance of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Tanning beds can help to prevent acne as UV exposure actually reduces the prevalence of acne-causing oils. In addition, in-home tanning beds have also proven to be a great way to reduce the seasonal affective disorder, which is known as SAD.

There are several types of home tanning beds available; you can select from models with 14 to 36 lamps. In addition, you can find models that will let you sit down, lie down, and even stand up.

Important things to Consider Before You Purchase Your New Home Tanning Bed

  • Is your need for a tanning bed for commercial or residential needs?
  • How often will you use your indoor tanning bed? 
  • What is your experience with tanning beds?
  • Are you currently using a tanning system for yourself?
  • Do you have the physical space for a dedicated tanning bed?
  • What exactly are you looking for in a tanning bed?
  • What is your budget and comfortable price range? 
  • What kind of tanning bed orientation (lying flat, standing, angle) do your prefer?

Thinking about your expectations and how you'll use your new tanning bed will go a long way in helping you make the best buying decision. If you have questions or need additional support selecting the right tanning bed please reach to us on email, online chat or the phone. 

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