T-Max Attendant System

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Offer 24 hour tanning with the T-Max® Attendant! The T-Max® Attendant™ is an intelligent card swipe system that allows the tanner to swipe a card to start a session. For complete unattended salon operation allowing you to provide tanning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

*Note: the Card Reader, Card Programmer, Cards, Control Manager and computer are all sold separately.


    • Enables you to offer unattended tanning, allowing you to make money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
    • Connects to any T-Max® Certified timer.
    • Completely compatible with our T-Max® G2 Wireless System.
    • Select skin levels for each customer.
    • Use the T-Max® Attendant™ for control access doors to tanning areas, bathrooms etc.*
    • Expandable up to 60 rooms.
    • The T-Max® Attendant™ software is absolutely free!
    • Easy to install and use!

Simply swipe the card over the T-Max® Attendant™ reader and the session automatically starts. It couldn’t be easier.

***Attendant Card Reader  (on Left) and Attendant Card Programmer (on Right) are both Sold Separately***


Here’s how it works:

A T-Max® Manager (either Pro or G2) and a T-Max® Attendant™ Card Programmer are connected to a standard PC***.

The T-Max® Attendant™ Programmer programs the card for the customer 


One T-Max® Attendant™ is connected to each timer in each room (either a wall timer or T-Max® Certified Timer in the tanning bed). You will then connect the T-Max® Attendant™ to a T-Max® timer and the T-Max® Attendant™ Card Reader.

The T-Max® Attendant™ connects to any T-Max® Certified Timer.

Simply wave the card over the T-Max® Attendant™ Card Reader and the session starts automatically!

The customer is set up in the T-Max® Attendant™ software. Enter the customer’s name, number of sessions they are paying for and their skin level. A card is programmed and given to the customer. Any time the customer wants to tan, they simply walk in, swipe their card in front of the card reader for the room they want to tan in. The delay automatically starts for that room. It’s that simple!

The T-Max® Attendant™ Software is downloaded free of charge. With the T-Max® Attendant™ Software, you can select the minimum number of hours between tanning sessions, the length of the session the tanner can tan based on their skin type or tan level and the number of tans a customer has paid for.

The T-Max® Attendant™ also has a door control function. When a bed is in the ready state, the door is locked. When the tanner scans the card, the door is then unlocked. When the session is over and the timer is ready for the next session, the door locks again. This will keep people out of the room when no one is tanning.*

The T-Max® Attendant™ is completely compatible with the T-Max® G2 wireless system. This means you won’t have to run cables throughout your salon.**

The T-Max® Attendant™ can even control a door without the need of a T-Max® timer. This is great for controlling doors that access rooms such as bathrooms, entry doors to the tanning area, etc. When the card is swiped, the door is unlocked for 5 seconds. It can even be set so that a person with no active sessions cannot unlock the door.

Item Description

T-Max® Attendant™ without wireless

Controls a tanning unit or an access door. Requires a T-Max® Attendant™ Card Reader. One required for each tanning unit or door you want to control.

T-Max® Attendant™ with Wireless

Controls a tanning bed or an access door. Has the G2 Access Point wireless module installed for wireless communications (can also be wired). Requires a T-Max® Attendant™ Card Reader. One required for each tanning unit or door you want your customers to access.

T-Max® Attendant™ Card Programmer

Programs the T-Max® Attendant™ Cards. One required per salon.

T-Max® Attendant™ Card Reader

One required for each T-Max® Attendant™.

T-Max® Attendant™ Cards

One required for each tanner. Sold in boxes of 100.

T-Max® Manager/Pro or T-Max® Manager/G2

A T-Max® Manager/Pro or T-Max® Manager/G2 is required for each salon.


T-Max® Attendant™ Card Programmer:

Interface: USB

Dimensions: 3.5 x 2 x .5

Cable length: 6 feet

T-Max® Attendant™ Card Reader

Interface: 4 wires connect to the T-Max® Attendant™ via screw terminals

Dimensions: 3 x 1.5 x .5

T-Max® Attendant™:

Power:9-12V (DC or AC) @ 300mA

Dimensions: 7.5 x 5 x 1.75

*It is highly recommended that the customer have a way to bypass the T-Max® Attendant™ and open the door from inside the tanning room so they may exit any time they choose to. The door access function requires either a magnetic door control or other door automatic locking mechanism not provided by Applied Digital, Inc. Contact a local security company for the magnetic or electronic door control mechanism.

**Note: The T-Max® Attendant™ Wireless system can also be daisy-chained.

***Note: The PC in the photos above in not included in purchase.


  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Click here to download the T-Max® Attendant manual


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