Sunna Tan Express Medium Tanning Solution 8 oz

Sunna Tan Express Medium Tanning Solution 8 oz

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Sunna NEW Express Rinse Solutions are our updated Advanced Quick Solutions with more skin loving ingredients and a lighter formulation for ease in application. They contain three high performing ingredients that deliver DHA and the active ingredients into the skin for high efficacy and performance over a longer time. Providing uniform coverage for an even tan in a faster time. Enriched with bilberry extract, a potent antioxidant helps reduce the appearance of skin damage caused by oxidative stress as well as helps to improve skin elasticity. Organic sunflower oil, organic aloe vera leaf juice and a jojoba oil derived emollient provides moisturization to the skin and longevity of the tan. Naturally scented with cucumber water that also provides soothing and moisturizing benefits to the skin.

    HOW TO USE: With Quickie Tan, clients MUST shower 3-4 hours after their tan. Your client will notice they will have very little to no colour after showering. They will darken over the next 12 hours.

    After using Quickie ensure the client is extra careful with palms, and feet. Washing their palms and applying lotion if needed is crucial as the tan will develop quickly in those areas. Clients should be careful to not get wet or touch themselves before showering. During their first shower, simply rinse and do not use body wash or shave.


    • Eriched with Bilberry Extract, Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice & Jojoba Oil.
    • Naturally scented with Cucumber Water.
    • Blend hands & feet.
    • Contains Organic Caramel for instant bronzers.


      • Medium: 11% DHA
      • Dark: 14% DHA


      • Size: 8 fl. oz. / 236mL.
      • Medium: 11% DHA

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