Solar Storm 32R Tanning Bed with Face Tanning 220v

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The Solar Storm 32R Tanning Bed (220v) offers you the ultimate in indoor residential tanning. With a total of 32 high-output lamps, efficient engineering, and the largest tanning surface on the market, this tanning bed will give tanners the even, golden tan they are longing for while minimizing exposure time.

This beautiful premium bed will provide fast balanced tanning with it's 16 Wolff lamps, 8 SunFusion face lamps and 8 SunFusion face & arm lamps. All Solar Storm tanning beds have been engineered for durability, high performance, and comfort while offering the longest extended warranty in the tanning industry.

Indulge yourself in premium luxury with the Solar Storm 32R and be rewarded with loads of added vitamin D along with beautiful golden bronze skin.

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  • Solar Storm 32R Tanning Bed (220v)
  • 32 x 100 Watt 71" High Output Tanning Bed Lamps 
  • Operating Instructions and Manufacturer Warranty Card
  • FREE Protective Eye-wear (value $10.00)*
  • FREE Bed Cleaner (value $15.00)*
  • FREE Pillow (value $36.40)*
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  • FREE Shipping Insurance (value $49.00)*
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Approximate Tan Time:

  • 20 Minutes (With Standard Dual Tone Lamps)
  • 15 Minutes (With Maximum Wolff Inferno Lamp Upgrade) 


  • Tunnel Design encapsulates your clients for a faster all-over tan
  • Sturdy aluminum frame offers minimal maintenance and extended life
  • Aluminum Reflectors enhances tanning effectiveness and results 
  • Efficient Fulham Electronic Ballasts use 40% less energy and saves money
  • Delivered 98% pre-assembled to allow quick and easy assembly
  • Case is available in Black, Silver and Red Color
  • Hour Counter: Digital Timer Identifies Lamp Changes
  • High Quality Protective UV Acrylic installed in both the canopy and bench
  • High-performance acrylic sheets provide maximum UV light penetration for quicker, deeper bronzing results
  • Includes UV Eye Protection
  • Premium Manufacturer Warranty 
  • Standard Timer: 20 Minutes
  • Overall Size: 84” x 40" x 36"
  • Tanner Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Total Weight 282 lbs.
  • Bed Model & SKU: SS-32R
  • Made In The U.S.A.

Lamp Specifications:

  • Wolff High Output Lamps: 16
  • SunFusion High Output Face Lamps: 8
  • SunFusion High Output Face & Arm Lamps: 8
  • Standard Lamps - 6.5 UVB Rating - 1,000 Lamp Hours
  • Standard SunFusion High Output Face & Arm Lamps - 7.5 UVB Rating - Rated Life of 1,000 Lamp Operating Hours
  • Wolff Inferno XP 2645 Lamp Upgrade (Hottest 100w Lamp Available and Light Blue in Color): 11.9 UVB Rating - 1,200 Lamp Hours - 15 Minute Timer. (When powered on these upgraded lamps are all light blue and not multi colored like the standard lamps displayed in the product photos)

Note on Product Images: The manufacturer no longer produces the bottom side skirt shown in some product images. The bed is now only equipped with the bottom front skirt. The manufacturer also no longer installs the semi circular blue masks on each end of the acrylic that hide the lamp holders. In addition, the Bluetooth speaker was redesigned and no longer mounts to the bed. 

Electrical Requirements:

  • 220 Volt Dedicated Circuit
  • 30 Amp Circuit Breaker
  • 10-2 wire (2 hots and 1 ground) 
  • Hardwired directly to junction box only and does not come with a plug

Manufacturer Warranty:

  • 36 Months on parts- Including: Ballast, Contactors, Timers, & Fans
  • 90 Days on Gas Springs
  • 6 months on Acrylic
  • 90 Days on Lamps and Audio/Body Fan Equipment
  • 180 Days on Labor- Only authorized technicians provided by LPI Inc.
  • Lifetime on Frame

Disclaimer: The Solar Storm manufacturer reserves the right to make reasonable adjustments or substitutions at their discretion for refinements that improve the quality, appearance and performance of the product.

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    Why Buy a Solar Storm Tanning Bed?

    Solar Storm Tanning Beds offer the tanner a salon quality experience safely in the comfort and full convenience of their own home for pennies per session. The Solar Storm design offers the user a 30% larger tanning surface combined with high-gloss aluminum reflectors and high performance clear acrylic. This combination of unrestricted UV light penetration and reflector enhancement light management delivers excellent tanning effectiveness.

    Solar Storm Tanning Beds provide a better experience for larger customers that might feel restricted in smaller beds. The “Tunnel Design” also works to effectively encapsulate and surrounds the user with well-balanced rays of Vitamin D producing Ultra Violet light. The bed’s ability to enhance and fully maximize the potential of the standard or upgraded tanning lamps power by surrounding a user ensures balanced deep tans are produced in minimum time.

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