ProSun V3 42 10 Minute Level 4 Commercial Tanning Booth

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Introducing the ProSun V3 42 lamp 10 minute Level 4 commercial tanning booth! The ProSun V3 represents the epitome of a classic stand up tanning booth with an affordable price tag. This entry-level booth is the ideal selection for salons or gyms extending their services to include indoor tanning without the cost of expensive equipment. The ProSun V3 is the perfect tanning booth offering your customers the experience they deserve. The ProSun V3 is made in pearl white with easy-to-open, space-saving doors that allow the V3 to fit in tight spaces. 


The timer devices on this ProSun equipment is designed to be reachable and operated from within the booths themselves so users can relax and enjoy every minute of their tanning session. ProTech lamps, made by a leading lamp manufacturer, are the longest lasting and strongest in the industry, cutting down on replacement costs. The V3 booth has an open top which provides a less closed in feeling and excellent air flow for maximum comfort. T-Max Timer compatible to meet Commercial Regulatory Requirements.


The ProSun V3 is a customer favorite. Business owners love the space-efficient design and simple power requirements. Their clients love the time-efficient tanning sessions. The ProSun V3 provides a thriving profit center for your business.

Smart Design Technology:

Our easy acrylic removal system comes standard with every model making acrylic removal, bulb replacement and cleaning fast and simple. This unit has an integrated internal cooling system. The 4 speed body fan is standard as well. The Deco Shield is standard to provide a smooth design and keep all UV exposure inside the UV.  A T-max timer can be installed directly to the tanning bed and connects to your front desk. This sends desired time to the bed and users can easily start the unit and override the delay time.

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  • ProSun V3 42 10 Minute Level 4 Commercial Tanning Booth (220v)
  • 42 x 75” 160 Watt RUVA Reflector Tanning Lamps Installed (6.270 Watt)

Free Comfort Package:

  • FREE Shipping Insurance (value of $49.00)*
  • FREE Liftgate at Delivery (value of $75.00)*
  • FREE Protective Eye-wear (value of $6.20)*
  • FREE Bed Cleaner (value of $15.00)*

*Free Comfort Package items listed above are available for a limited time!

Features & Specifications:

  • Shipping Weight: 675 lb.
  • Booth Weight: 432 lb.
  • Dimensions: 84”H x 47”D
  • Required Room Size: 8 ft. x 6 ft.
  • Maximum Session Time: 10 Minutes
  • Programmable Internal Timer
  • Dual Hour Counters
  • LCD Timer Display
  • TMAX compatible
  • XL Lamps: 42 x 75” 160 Watts RUVA
  • ProTech Bronzing Lamps 
  • Turbo Cooling System
  • 4 Speed Body Fan
  • Easy Access Timer
  • Available Colors: Pearl White
  • Timer Type: Digital
  • Connection and Breaker: 220V, 40 Amps
  • Buckbooster: Single Phase: 1.0 KVA 2 Pole (2 Hot / 1 Ground)
  • AC Requirements: A/C (TONS) 0.5
  • A 110V outlet is needed when operating equipment with T-max system.
  • Operating Manual

Electrical Requirements:

  • Electrical Rating: 230V ~ 32A 60Hz 2 Pole (2 Hots 1 Ground)
  • 40 Amp dedicated circuit breaker required and electrical current of between 218 and 230 volts. In the event your building does not provide constant voltage within this range a 1.0 kVA buck booster should be installed at the fuse box to supply the correct voltage and  manufacturer warranty coverage. 
  • Buckbooster: Single Phase: 1.0 KVA 2 Pole (2 Hot / 1 Ground)
  • Product Specification Sheet - Click Here

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