Cosmolux VHR-TT FR71 160w Bi-Pin #16169 Tanning Lamps

Cosmolux VHR-TT FR71 160w Bi-Pin #16169 Tanning Lamps

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Cosmolux VHR-TT FR71 160w Bi-Pin Tanning Lamps

The CosmoLux VLR TT is the UVB-fortified offspring of the extremely popular CosmoLux VLR. It has been described as a “VLR with punch”. The VLR TT has an effective irradiance that is about 10% greater, and an exposure time that is about 10% less than the original VLR, allowing us to document the VLR TT as fully compatible to the VLR.

Please be sure you check your lamp type prior to ordering. These are Bi-Pin lamps (see images below).


  • Cosmolux VHR TT FR71-T12-160w B/P Lamp 16169 
  • Home and Commercial Compatible 
  • Life Expectancy of 800 Hours


  • Economical for amount of tanning power 
  • Maximize commercial tanning salon profits 

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Please make sure you have selected the correct lamps before ordering. If you have questions ask our staff at or on chat. It is very expensive to ship fragile tanning lamps and restock them so returns may be costly.

Shipping & Inspection Process:

  • Tanning lamps are shipped via Fedex or UPS Ground in special protective packaging and the customer should inspect the shipment upon arrival
  • If damage has occurred please send photos of the box and damaged lamps to within 48 hours 
  • After arrival the customer will have 7 calendar days to report any other issues with the lamps

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Certified replacements for many high quality lamps including a the examples below: 

  • AUVL VXR FR71-T12-160w B/P 
  • AUVL VXR Plus FR71-T12-160w B/P
  • AUVL X-treme FR71-T12-160w VXR
  • Body Scan XXR FR71-T12-160W R BSXX-71-160w R
  • Body Scan XXXR FR71-T12-160W B/P BSXXX-71-160w R 
  • Cosmolux VHR FR71-T-12-160w B/P 16180 / NA1-15-160w
  • Cosmolux VHR 200 1.8M FR71-T12-200w B/P 16218
  • Cosmolux VHR 9K90 FR71-T12-160w 16391
  • Cosmolux VHR 200 1.8M FR71-T12-200w B/P 16218
  •  Cosmolux VHR 9K90 FR71 160w B/P 16391
  • Cosmolux VHR TT FR71 160w B/P 16169
  • Dr. Mueller FR71 160w B/P QDM VHP/R
  • Ergoline VHP15 15 TurboPower FR71 160w B/P 383620
  • Ergoline VHP15 Fr71 160w B/P D-12981
  • Eternal Sun FR71 160w B/P ERT Sun UX
  • Eternal Sun FR71 160w B/P XP*R 160 16445
  • Eternal Sun FR71 160w B/P XP R 160 16481
  • ETS Elite JK90 FR71 160w-R B/P 23024
  • ETS Elite Ultra FR71 160w-R B/P 23022
  • ETS Elite Ultra FR71 180/200w-R B/P 23025
  • ETS Elite VZR FR71 160w-R B/P 23020
  • Genesis 170 WRS-E FR71 170w B/P 02184
  • Genesis 170 WRX-E Fr71 170w B/P 
  • Genesis 170WRS-E FR71 160w B/P 16121
  • Genesis HPR15 FR71-T12-CA-160w B/P 1504563
  • Genesis VHP15 TurboPower FR71-T12-160w B/P 16343 / 12837 
  • Hollywood Tan FR71-T12-160w B/P 60/54
  • Hollywood Tan VS-R FR71-T12-160w B/P HT75
  • Kalfa Sun FR71-T12-160w B/P B23S White
  • KBL America Megaline FR71-T12-160w B/P 1865 R Plus
  • KBL America Megaline FR71-T12-200w B/P 1865 R Plus
  • MegaVoltage Plus VS-R FR71-T12-160w B/P
  • MegaVoltage VS-R FR71-T12-160w B/P MV75R-T12
  • Original Hanu Magic Premium FR71-T12-160w B/P 23/160 23081
  • Original Sun Flagship R 200 Series FR71-T12-160w B/P 
  • Protech High Intensive FR71-T-12-160w B/P Protech RUVA 160w
  • Puretan FR71-T12-160w B/P Spectralarium VHO R+
  • Radiance R2 FR71 160-200w VHO/R B/P 07051 
  • Rave 160 APR FR71-T12-160w B/P 
  • Rave 16071R FR71-T12-160w B/P
  • RoyalSun VHR FR71-T12-160w B/P 16369
  • Solarium VHR FR72 SVHR-T12-160w RDC (*F71 to F72 Adapters Are Necessary*) 
  • Solarium XLR FR71-T12-160w SXLR71-T12-160w B/P 
  • Soltron Turbo Power FR71-T12-160w B/P HVP 12 
  • Solarium XLR 72 SXLR72-T12-160w RDC (*F71 to F72 Adapters Necessary) 
  • Soltron Turbo Power VHP 12 FR71-T12-160w  B/P VHP 12 
  • Soltron VHP Turbo Power 160 FR71-T12-160w B/P 16347
  • Soltron VHP15 XS Turbo Power FR71-T12-160w B/P 16347 / 12841
  • Speed 315 VS-R* FR71-T12-160w B/P SPD 71 T12-315 VS-R
  • Speed 325 VS-R* FR71-T12-160w B/P SPD 71-T12-325 VS-R
  • Speed 525 VS-R* FR71-T12-200w B/P SPD 71 T12-525 VS-R
  • SunCapsule SCR FR71-T12-160w B/P 16399
  • Sunfit FR71-T12-160w B/P Professional VRX
  • Tan America FR71-T12-160w B/P VIP Gold VHO/ZXR
  • Tan America FR71-T12-160w B/P VIP Premier VHO/R
  • Wolff Bronzing Sun FR71-T12-160w BS75-T12-160w
  • Wolff Bronzing Sun Gold FR71-T12-200w B/P BSG71-T12-200w
  • Wolff Bronzing Sun HP FR71-T12-160w B/P BSHP71-T12-160w
  • Wolff Bronzing Sun HPK90 VSR Fr71-T12-180W B/P BSHPK 90 71 180w
  • Wolff Bronzing Sub HPK90 VSR FR71-T12-160w B/P BSHPK 90 71 T12
  • Wolff Bronzing Sun Plus FR71-T12-160w B/P BSP71-T12-160w
  • Wolff Bronzing Sun VSR FR71-T12-160w BS71-T12-160w VSR
  • Wolff Velocity Ultra FR71-T12-180w B/P VEL71-T12-180w
  • Wolff Velocity VS-R FR71-T12-160w B/P VEL71-T12-160w  


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