Top Rated Home Tanning Beds

Thank you for contacting us to explore your options in owning a home tanning bed or booth. 

Please know that all tanning beds and booths are custom made to order and ship to you directly from each manufacturer's factory and this is handled the same way for all the sellers you see advertising and selling the beds and booths online. We are one of the largest distributors of home tanning beds in the world and can have your new tanning bed or booth delivered as quickly as possible.

As of today, most manufacturer's (Solar Storm, ESB, Solar Wave) are shipping orders in an estimated 16 weeks after order placement except for ProSun which is currently shipping orders in about 5-6 weeks. These times are the same for all sellers and the time is currently longer than normal due to the massive spike in demand for home tanning beds and booths generated in part by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

At this point, once you place an order it will immediately reserve it's place in line with the manufacturer and they will work to ship your order as quickly as possible on a first in first out basis. There is always the possibility some customers will cancel orders and they may be able to ship the orders quicker but that is not guaranteed.

Also, as one of the largest sellers of home tanning beds in the world we are partnered with the manufacturers and have a very close relationship with every factory. If any other online sellers quote you a shorter lead time or tell you they have the beds or booths "in stock" right now they are probably uninformed or not being transparent.

If you are committed to ordering a tanning bed or booth please place your order and we will work with the manufacturer to have it shipped as quickly as possible. You can find more detailed information here on shipping times: and also our COVID-19 updates here 

Many potential buyers ask us which tanning bed or booth is the best and our answer is normally based on how the buyer intends to use the unit along with their budget. However, there are a few selected beds and booths that are highly rated and extremely popular with buyers due to their combination of affordability, quality and performance. Here are some of the top rated and most popular tanning bed options you might wish to consider: 

Solar Storm 24S 110v Tanning Bed is the most popular home tanning bed in the USA and bought by about 50% of home buyers. Of those buyers almost 70% choose the optional Wolff Inferno upgraded lamps with 11.9% UVB. This bed is currently on sale and has the discount code: SAVE300 for $300 off. If you'd like the same bed with more durable electronics you may consider the 220v model of the bed

Solar Storm 32S 110v Tanning Bed is the upgraded version of the Solar Storm 24S with 8 more tanning lamps and is very popular with buyers that have higher budgets. The gaps between each tanning lamp is smaller than on 24 lamp model beds and the increased lamp coverage provides a more balanced and quicker tan The bed is also currently on sale with special discount code: SAVE400 for $400 off. This is the 220v model of the bed if sturdier electronics are a need

ProSun Jade 32 110v Tanning Bed is a modern and very well designed tanning bed. The bed has recently been shipping in approximately 5 weeks after order placement. This bed is slightly more expensive than other residential beds due to the use of better quality materials, modern updated components and advanced case design. This bed is currently the quickest shipping home tanning bed in the USA and a great choice by buyers that seek quality and fast shipment.

You may also browse through all the available home tanning beds and tanning booths:

Also, if you do need financing just choose "Pay overtime with Klara" as your payment option during checkout. You will then be presented any available financing options for your consideration.You can see more information on financing with Klarna here: