Tanning Lamp Sizes

These are approximate tanning lamps sizes. It is best to check the F number on your lamp or the exposure label in the bed to verify what size of lamps your tanning system uses.

Tanning Lamp Size     Type Lengths are from cap to cap and do not measure pins or RDC caps. 
F59 or FR59 Bi-Pin 58.88" to 59"
F60 RDC 57"
F71 or FR71 or 1.8M Bi-Pin 69" to 69.25"
F72 or FR72 RDC 68.88" to 69"
F73 or FR73 RDC 70"
F74 or FR74 RDC 70.88" to 71"
F75 or FR75 or 1.9M Bi-Pin 74.625"
FR78 or FR79 or 2M Bi-Pin 78.625"