Tanning Bed Replacement Acrylic

Tanning bed replacement acrylic for ESB, Solar Storm, SunLite, SunFire, ProSun and many other beds and booth can be located at the links below: 

ESB Elite 16 and 16F

ESB Avalon 16

ESB Avalon 24

ESB Avalon 28 

ESB Avalon 32 

ESB Galaxy (All Models)

Solar Storm 16

Solar Storm 24

Solar Storm 32

SunLite & Sunfire 16

SunLite & Sunfire 24

SunLite & Sunfire 24 Deluxe 

SunLite & Sunfire 32

SunLite & Sunfire 32 Deluxe  

We stock and custom fabricate replacement acrylic for thousands of models. If you don't see what you're looking for please reach us on chat or contact us at!