Sunquest Pro 24RS Tanning Bed - Replacement Tanning Lamps

The SunQuest Pro 24RS Tanning Bed was originally equipped with Wolff Velocity 3.95% UVB lamps and new replacements can be found at this page:

If you are looking for another alternative lamp with a higher UVB level or shorter session time you can always select and install any of the following lamps in your SunQuest Pro 24RS Tanning Bed:

Radiance 7000 with 6.5% UVB

Radiance 8000 with 7.5% UVB

Radiance 9000 with 8.5% UVB

User Warnings: 

Your tanning unit is designed with a maximum timer setting and a specific lamp type in order to prevent the user from being exposed to excessive ultraviolet light. The original lamps are listed on the exposure label attached to the system or in the user manual and when used in combination with the timer on your system they insure a user is not exposed to excessive UV light during a tanning session. However, you may always retrofit your bed with a new replacement lamp of your choice but if you do please be ware of the strength of your new lamps and not exceed the stated session times so you do not exceed the maximum daily UV radiation exposure limit set by the FDA.