Solar Storm, ESB, Sunlite, Sunfire Tanning Booth Acrylic & Lamp Removal Instructions

Warning!!! Disconnect from electrical power before servicing. 

Removal of Acrylic 

Important Note: If you are removing the acrylic from the door section, you must first remove the inner door handle with a Phillips screwdriver. There are two screws that attach the handle to the rail. 

Step 1. Stand inside the booth. Using a small, flathead screwdriver, insert the flat head into the top end of the black trim strip that holds the side of the acrylic. Pry outward slowly to grasp edge of strip and continue to pull away from unit until it is completely removed. 

*Repeat step 1 as necessary for the acrylics on the other two sections of the booth 

Step 2. With the flathead screwdriver, pry the acrylic up and over the lip in the booth rail. Begin by grasping the long edges of the acrylic which are now exposed. 

Step 3. Standing in front of the booth, grasp the long exposed edge of the acrylic and carefully slide it toward you until it is removed. BE CAREFUL the edges of the acrylic may be sharp. 

Acrylic Re-installation 

Step 1. Seat the acrylic into the lip of the top and bottom end caps. 

Step 2. Evenly slide it back into place by pushing from the front side while simultaneously grasping the opposite edge of the acrylic to support it away from the lamps and reflectors. 

Step 3. Replace the trim strips starting at the bottom. Take one end of the black acrylic trim and press firmly onto the aluminum frame pushing into the opening. The longer flat edge of the trim must be against the top of the acrylic. 

Step 4. Place the palm of your hand on the trim, and apply pressure along the edge until the trim is firmly in place. 

Step 5. The door handle and/or hanging handles will now need to be replaced. 

Lamp Removal & Re-installation 

Most Lamps are rated for between 800-1000 hours of use. You may elect to change lamps sooner. 

Step 1. After removing the acrylic, grasp a lamp at one end and at middle. Turn the lamp a quarter turn. The lamp may then be gently removed from its holder. 

Step 2. Hold lamp with brand name label facing toward the acrylic and to the top side of the booth. To install the lamp, insert the pins located on the ends of the lamp into the slots on top of the lamp holder and turn the lamp a quarter turn to hold in place. Make sure that the writing on the lamp faces the acrylic. 

**Lamps used longer than 1000 hours have lost their tanning power even though they will continue to light.