Measuring Tanning Bed Acrylic For Replacement:

Please see below instructions on how to properly measure the Acrylic in your tanning bed so we can ensure you receive the correct acrylic.

Please tell us the name of your bed or booth as well as the manufacturer if available and when providing the measurements, please measure in Centimeters "CM" to the nearest tenth.

Example of Measurements:

213.4 CM Length 
91.4 CM Width
20.3 CM Drop

Step 1

Measure the "Drop" with the acrylic in the bed.

To measure the drop you can simply place a broom handle, yard stick or other long flat object across the open tanning bed panel you wish to measure.

While facing the open bed, lay the stick across the bench or hold in place if measuring the canopy from front to back and then use a ruler/tape measure to measure from the bottom of the stick to the surface of the acrylic at the center "Lowest point".

This is referred to as the drop and is a measurement of the radius or concave as shown in the example below. 

Step 2

Remove acrylic from tanning unit. 

Step 3

Measure the length from end to end. 

Step 4

Measure the width of the acrylic across the back of the acrylic (Side closest to lamps) using a Tape Measure. 
***Note: Please double check all measurements to ensure they are correct.