ID Verification Process



ID Verification Photo

When we receive an order that requests we ship products to individuals or addresses different than the cardholder's name or billing address we take added measures to protect our customers and insure a fraudster is not attempting to use the credit card.

The most effective way for us to quickly insure your card is not being fraudulently used by someone else is for you to send us a picture, like the one above with a government issued ID, such as your driver's license.

Alternatively, if you are in the military or work for another government agency and have a .mil or .gov email address, you may simply email us from that email with your order number and we will verify you.

When sending your picture please make sure the image shows both your face and the ID clearly as demonstrated in the example photo above. It is also helpful to send an additional picture of your ID alone so that we can make sure to quickly verify the information and process your order without having to request another photo.

Once you have taken this picture simply email it to from the email address used on the order along with your order number.