Fuji Spray Tan FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions frequently asked by our Fuji Spray Tan customers. If your question is not listed below please contact us through our Contact Us Page

What is the width of the applicator’s spray?

  • The applicator can be adjusted to spray in 3 different directions
    • horizontally,
    • vertically
    • 2 inch circular pattern.
  • When adjusted correctly (horizontally or vertically), held 4-6 inches from the target area on the skin, the applicator will spray a 4 inch spray pattern.
  • When adjusted for a circular pattern it is approximately 2 inches across. (nozzle adjusted to 45 degree setting)
  • The width  of the spray pattern will always vary depending on the distance of the applicator to the individual while spraying.When spraying a horizontal or a vertical pattern, the general setting for the most appropriate width is 4 inches. You can achieve this by holding the applicator 4 – 6 inches away from the individual.

The applicator is spitting solution?

(For 7000-MC and TAN7350 Tan Applicators)

  • Make sure there are no air leaks from hose attachments, gasket under lid, cup, also make sure that the pressure tube is attached correctly.
  • After checking above, remove needle, air cap and fluid nozzle and clean the front of the applicator.

Bubbling in the Cup

(For 4000 T-PRO and 9300-G75)

This is caused by the Collar (part # 8001) being loose.

  • Remove the Collar (part # 8001), Air Cap (part # 8002), the Spring Plate and Spring (parts #’s 2027 & 2028). The spring and the spring plate may be 2 separate pieces, or one complete piece welded together depending on when your applicator was produced.
  • Put the spring and spring plate back into place. Please note that the spring plate has a little protrusion (male) that must line up with an indent (female) on the body of the applicator.
  • Put the air cap and collar on next. Only thread the collar one or two turns. If you have lined up the spring plate properly, you should be able to press down on the air cap and feel it spring back when you release the pressure.
  • Now press down firmly on the air cap and tighten the collar completely. If the spring plate did not line up properly with the body of the applicator, the air cap and collar will not fit onto the applicator properly and the applicator will not spray.

Once the steps above have been completed, there should be no bubbling in the cup, and the applicator should spray properly.

Very little solution is coming out/ no flow…

(For 7000-MC and TAN7350 Applicator)

  • Clogged 90 Degree Fitting at the Applicator and/or Nipple on the Lid of the Cup. Use a either a small pipe cleaner, to clean out the hole so air can flow freely or
  • The fluid coupler is clogged. Remove the cup assembly by loosening the nut at the top of the assembly. Use a cleaning brush to unclog the inside of the fluid coupler with soapy water. Reattach cup assembly to applicator.
  • Remove the butterfly nut on side of applicator for 9300-G75
  • The fluid knob is turned in too far – turn out to allow more solution flow
  • The check valve or duck bill may be clogged. Clean or replace!

Solution is spraying spotty…

  • Spray into a towel or cloth, and confirm gun is spraying “spotty”.
    • If problem is related to spray leaving gun unevenly:
      • Adjust fluid nozzle on back of applicator. Each solution is different therefore you may need to make adjustment from one solution to the next.
      • Adjust your spray pattern to horizontal fan spray pattern and turn fluid control knob all the way to its widest setting, and confirm solution sprays smoothly, correctly and evenly.
      • Then slowly “close” the fluid control knob shrinking the spray pattern width and set it approximately to a 4 inch wide spray pattern.
    • If you still have spotting:
      • Completely remove and clean the needle and aircap thoroughly.
      • After cleaning, spray water through the gun while making sure that the water is spraying correctly.
      • If water sprays correctly, try spraying with solution once again using the above steps

My solution is spraying a heavy density or light density…

  • Adjust the fluid knob on the back of the applicator to increase or decrease volume.
  • Vary distance between the applicator and the person you are spraying.

I have rust or powdery residue on my applicator?

This may occur due to hard water deposits and will be noticeable when applicator is disassembled for cleaning. It may look like rust or mineral buildup or a dry powdery residue To remove this residue, disassemble and clean the applicator using a solution such as  WD40, CRC Cleaner, or “Lime Away” with a brush. Clean all parts, rinse well, then wipe and let air dry. After drying, reassemble applicator.  Lube regularly with machine oil as needed.  It is very important to air dry, and wipe excess water off all parts, when rinsing and cleaning the applicator. Do not reassemble the applicator while wet.

My Trigger is sluggish…

The Needle Packing Nut is too tight. Using the supplied wrench, gently loosen the nut (1 or 2 degrees only at a time). Again pull the trigger and release. Repeat until no water is seen at the nozzle hole.

Solution coming out from nozzle without operating…

  • Check and clean the Nozzle. If damaged, it will require replacement
  • Check and clean the Needle Assembly. If damaged, it will require replacement
  • The Needle Packing Nut is too tight. Using a wrench, loosen the needle packing nut 1 or 2 degrees until the needle moves back and forth freely.

My applicator is giving me an uneven pattern when spraying…

  • Check and clean the Nozzle
  • Check and clean the Air Cap. Use a soft cleaning brush. Never use metal objects to clean holes in the air cap.

Poor Spray Pattern…

  • This will require replacement. First check the nozzle and air holes in air cap. At times, the solution could be a simple clean.
  • Try moving the applicator closer. The applicator may be too far from the individual (max. 6 inches away from the individual)

The spray is an uneven coating…

  • Ensure you are spraying a wet enough spray to coat the surface of the body evenly.
  • Check and clean the fluid tube and nozzle.

I’m getting excessive overspray

The Applicator is being held too far away –4 – 6 inches. Installing an extraction fan is a good option especially when using the TAN7400 AND TAN7350**

Leaking from Needle Packing Nut

The Needle Packing Nut is too loose. Using a Wrench, Gently tighten the Needle Packing Nut 1 or 2 degrees only. Repeat until no water is seen where the Needle passes through the Needle Packing Nut.