Professional 3.0 LED Light Therapy Mask - Operation & Warnings

Professional 3.0 Remote Control Operation 

1. Microelectronics Settings

  • Controls current level used by the (optional) Micro Current Control Studs. 
  • Level 60 (zero current) up to a maximum of 69 (Level 9 current).

2. Brightness Settings 

  • Controls brightness (power output) of the LEDs in the mask. 
  • Level A1 is minimum power up through A9 maximum power.

2. Flicker Settings

  • Controls four levels of flicker or "strobe effect" to modify light stimulation.
  • Level F0 (zero flicker) up through F4 flicker speeds (F1 is fastest and F4 is slowest flicker).

3. Time Settings

  • Allows user to set their session time from 1 to 60 minutes.

 4. Color Select Settings 

  • C0 No Light (Off) 
  • C1 Red Light 630nm
  • C2 Green Light 520nm
  • C3 Blue Light 470nm
  • C4 Yellow Light 590nm
  • C5 Purple Light 
  • C6 Cyanine Light
  • C7 White Light 
  • C8 Alternating Light (C1 through C7) 


  • Enhanced results may be generated by applying high quality natural moisturizers and skin nutrient products before using the mask.
  • Using the Micro Current Control studs is optional based on users comfort.
  • Te Microcurrent Contact studs may help to open pores and stimulate skin is key areas to enhance absorption of moisturizers or skin nutrients that are applied before use of the mask. 
  • The neck section can be detached from the face mask and used as a handheld device to spot treat areas.


  1. Follow all directions in the Use Instructions pamphlet.
  2. Pregnant women, and children, as well as any person with thyroid disease, light allergies, open wounds in mask area, or taking drugs that interact negatively with light should not use the mask. Please consult your doctor if you have any questions on whether light therapy is appropriate for you.  
  3. Do not look at the lights directly and close eyes when using the mask.
  4. Do not read, watch television, surf the Internet or conduct activities that extends the opening of your eyes when using the mask.
  5. Please choose high quality natural ingredients cosmetics and moisturizers if applying those products before using the mask.
  6. Please do not bend, squeeze, or apply heavy pressure to the LED lights or PCB electronic board in the mask.
  7. Do not use chemical liquids or dip the mask into water for cleaning.
  8. Use clean water and a wet cloth to gently clean mask.
  9. Don't expose the mask directly to sun light.