ADA Compliant Tables And How You Can Get Tax Credit?

ADA compliant tables are not only a great addition to your practice for what they can offer to many clients, but they also mean that you or your practice might be ably to apply for a tax credit.

To explain a bit better, the ADA Tax Credit can be applied to as a business tax return, this is thanks to the expenditures incurred towards making your practice, a facility accessible to disabled people.

Some of our tables explicitly explain in their features, that they are ADA Compliant; most of them being electric lift tables. These qualify for a 50% ADA Tax Credit.

What to do?

Simple, just send your receipt to your tax accountant and they will be able to apply for the credit and save you some money in tax.

You can use the Tax Form 8826 to claim your ADA Tax Credit (just click on the hyperlink to get the form).


Amount Available For Credit:

The amount of credit that you can receive when you apply for the ADA Tax Credit, is 50% of the amount of eligible access expenditures for any taxable year exceeding $250, but not exceeding $10,250. Also, keep in mind that NO other deductions or credits are permitted for any amount for which a disabled access tax credit is allowed.

Furthermore, the maximum tax credit that is allowed is of $5,000 per year.

Who is eligible?

Small businesses are elegible, however they must have:

1-No more than 30 full-time employees during the preceding tax year


2-Total revenues of $1,000,000 or less in the previous tax year

For More Information:

For more information we STRONGLY recommend consulting a tax expert or your accountant. This page is by no means a legal or tax advisor, we just provide information for you to be aware the credit exists and hopefully be able to apply for it with the aid of a professional. Refer to Code Section 44 of the Federal Tax Guide for more detailed information.