ESB Avalon 28 Tanning Bed


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The ESB Avalon 28 Tanning Bed is similar to the top selling Avalon 24 Tanning Bed but it's been significantly upgraded wth four additional tanning lamps to further enhance power and performance! With 28 tanning lamps (including 14 Face/Arm lamps) you'll receive quicker tans that achieve deep long lasting color while supporting healthy natural Vitamin D production in the  body. The ESB Avalon 28 tanning bed is constructed in a beautiful aesthetically appealing blue and metallic silver case and the built in maximum airflow cooling system provides soothing comfort during tanning sessions. The built in digital timer with backup safety timer will always make sure you get the perfect tan with safely. Like all ESB tanning systems, the ESB Avalon 28 tanning bed utilizes the advanced ESB Green Energy technology which costs you a few pennies per tanning session an the laps provide up to 1,000 hours or 20 years of total tanning lamp life!


  • The ESB Avalon 28 Tanning Bed
  • 28 Tanning Bulbs included
  • FREE Protective Eye-wear (value of $6.20)
  • FREE Bed Cleaner (value of $15.00)
  • FREE Pillow (value of $36.40)

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  • 28 Sun Express Reflector Swirl Lamps with 2800 Total Watts
  • Tanning Lamp set includes: 10 pink and blue face swirl, 4 pink and blue face/arm/body swirl, 14 blue swirl body Tanning Lamps
  • ESB Swirl Face & Arm Tanner Technology 
  • 1,000 Hour Lamp Life - 20 Years of Total Tanning
  • Unique Design for the Perfect All Around Tan
  • Ultra Clear Acrylics for Maximum Tanning Power
  • Maximum Airflow for Quiet and Comfortable Tanning Experience
  • ESB Green Energy - Saves You Money
  • Safety Back up Timer for Peace of Mind
  • Utilizes a standard 5-20R household outlet
  • 120 volt and 20 amp electrical system   
  • Height 37" Width 32" Length 76"
  • Premium Warranty Included 
  • Made in the USA

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