Devoted Creations Glow on Gorgeous 18.75 OZ.

Devoted Creations Glow on Gorgeous 18.75 OZ.

Color Contouring - Pore Refining & Imperfection
Blurring Glow & Go Crème
Just GLOW for it!
This ultra-hydrating self-bronzing emulsion will help you nourish and flourish! Enhanced with contouring, pore perfecting and color extending agents for a seductively streamlined silhouette. For glowing hydration and no tan lines... Just glow and go!



  • Transfer-Resistant DHA Contouring Moisturizer.
  • Rosé Gold Elixir Skin Perfectors.
  • Electric Daisy™ & Renovage™ contour and fight signs of aging.
  • Easy To Use Pump, Available In Multiple Sizes.
  • Tan Extending Formula.
  • Anti-Aging and Skin-Firming Benefits


  • Fragrance: Gorgeous Glow
  • Product Actions: Moisturizer, Tan Extender, DHA Bronzer
  • Product Specs: 18.75 US fl. oz. (550mL) Bottle

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