Service Update Coronavirus / Covid-19

Important Service Updates - March 23rd, 2021

The COVID-19 virus continues to impact the world and our thoughts are with everyone affected. Our nation is facing a historic emergency and our staff at the Sun Tanning Store remain available to assist you in any way possible during our normal operating hours Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm EST.

Our Chicago warehouse continues to ship inventory of QuickShip Spray Tanning Solutions and Supplies within approximately 24 hrs (not including weekends) of order placement. This is slightly longer than normal due to staffing challenges and added precautions being taking inside the warehouse to protect employees. There have also been some periodic reports of Fedex and UPS pick ups being delayed due to social unrest and protests but that has been limited recently.

We are also an authorized distributor for the manufacturers on our website and some have experienced temporary closure due to mandated stay at home orders issued by the states. Please take a moment to read the update below for the specific manufacturer of your tanning bed or booth to estimate your order's shipping time.

Spray tanning equipment and some solutions in addition to orders for tanning beds, booths, canopies, tanning lamps and parts are shipped directly to customers from each manufacturer and those shipments may be delayed due to extreme demand for some products and possible work restrictions being issued by the states. Please see the current status of each of the businesses below to better understand how your orders might be effected during this period:

Solar Storm, ESB, SunLite & Solar Wave Tanning Beds & Booths

The current estimated shipment time at these manufacturers is currently 10-12 weeks. You may see additional details on these shipping times by clicking here. 

All distributors and sellers ship these tanning beds and booths directly to you from the manufacturer's so these noted lead times will be the same regardless of where you place your order. In addition, if a customer cancels an existing order at one company and enters it again at another, the order will lose the previous reserved position in the shipping queue and will start the process again as a new order.

Given the current demand, orders must be paid for up front to reserve a place in the manufacturers shipping queue with the exception of Klarna financing that does not require any payment until after your order ships. There is also no option to pay for expedited service or to receive preferential treatment in the shipping queue.


ProSun is open and estimates orders entered will ship in approximately 15-20 working days (3-4 weeks) of submission.

Norvell - Spray Tanning

The Norvell factory is open. Equipment and solution orders have been shipping within approximately 3-5 business days.

Ohio State FAQ

Fuji - Spray Tanning 

Fuji Spray is accepting orders and has been shipping within about 5 working days.

Canada FAQ

MaxiMist - Spray Tanning 

MaxiMist continues to ship orders within 3-5 business days. We will update the status here in the event of any change. 

Florida State FAQ

PIBBS - Salon Equipment 

PIBBS reopened for business on June 9th after being closed subject to the New York State mandated stay at home order, issued March 20th. Most orders are expected to ship within approximately 10 working days (2 weeks). Some special option orders may take extra time to fulfil and ship in 4-6 weeks. 

DECO - Salon Equipment 

DECO is currently open and shipping most orders with about 5 business days.

Illinois State FAQ:

If you have any questions please feel free to chat with us online or send an email to