ProSun Sundream 12V Tanning Canopy

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Tanning canopies are very popular and trending. It’s the new, portable way to tan! The ProSun Sundream 12V Tanning Canopy is a portable home tanning system lined with UV lamps mounted with infinitely adjustable supports on wheels for easy movement and maneuverability.

You hardly need any space, so pair it up with a beach chair, fluffy towel and your favorite beverage and start tanning! Perfect for people who travel or don’t have a lot of room. This portable 12-lamp home tanning canopy is the perfect solution for indoor sunbathers who want to touch up their tans between studio sessions or are taking the first step into tanning at home. The Sundream 12V includes a hinged, swinging tanning canopy fitted with 12 energy efficient, 100-watt, high-output tanning lamps and operates on any standard 110-volt residential outlet. 

The Sundream 12V tanning canopy can be easily stored and comes 95% pre assembled so it only takes a few moments to set up. The Sundream delivers beautiful, full-body tans – simply switch positions during your session to get a deep, dark, radiant glow. 

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Included in your order:

  • ProSun Sundream 12V Tanning Canopy 
  • 12 High Output R-UVA 100w Reflector Tanning Lamps  Installed (1,200 Watt)
  • FREE Shipping Insurance (value of $29.00)*
  • FREE Liftgate at Delivery (value of $75.00)*
  • FREE Shipping With Curbside Delivery (value of $500.00)*

Free Comfort Package:

  • FREE Protective Eye-Wear (value of $6.20)*
  • FREE Bed Cleaner (value of $15.00)*
  • FREE $300 in Gift Certificates*

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Features & Specifications:

  • A swiveling frame that allows users to easily switch from horizontal (lay-down) or vertical (stand-up) tanning
  • Portable and lightweight design for easy at-home tanning
  • Twelve gently curved 71” 100-watt ProTech R-UVA reflector tanning lamps for ultimate UV performance 50% higher than standard Wolff lamps.  
  • Simple session regulation with a 20-minute built-in timer
  • Canopy arrives fully assembled and just attaches to rolling base 
  • Steel and extruded aluminum mainframe
  • Gas shock lift-and-lower for easy operation
  • Modern energy efficient electronic ballasts 
  • Internal cooling fan to increase longevity of electronics
  • Total Shipping Weight 150 lbs.


  • Uses normal 120v household electrical receptacle 
  • 78" Length x 45" Height x 33" Width 
  • Horizontal Height Adjustable from 33.8"- 44.8"
  • Electrical Rating 120v 10A 60Hz 2 Pole 
  • Total Weight: 85 lbs. 
  • Operating Manual

Electrical Requirement

  • Regular 110v-120 Household Outlet 5-15R   
  • 15 Amp Circuit Breaker



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