ESB Timeless Beauty 26 Trio Tanning Bed

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***Discontinued by manufacturer and is no longer available***

The ESB Timeless Beauty 26 Trio (formally known as the ESB Radiance) is the latest technology in the suntanning industry. This home tanning bed combines two new technologies: Bronzing lamps and Red Visible Light or RVL. The ESB Bronzing lamps offer an extremely low percentage of UVB, commonly known as the reddening ray, but yet just enough power to gently achieve a beautiful bronzed color as well Vitamin D production, just like the Sun's UVB healthy light. The red light therapy is what keeps your skin young. It promotes collagen and elastin production which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Manufacturing Update: The ESB Timeless Beauty 26 is no longer available in the original cream color and only be produced in silver and black by the manufacturer. Some retailers may accept your order for the cream colored case but will not be able to deliver your bed as specified. If you're seeking to purchase a Timeless Beauty you're working with the experts at the Sun Tanning Store. Please specify your selected color when ordering or call us for assistance.


  • The ESB Timeless Beauty 26 Trio
  • Bronzing & Red Collagen Lamps:  32 Advantage & Renew Plus Lamps
  • FREE Protective Eye-wear (value of $6.20)
  • FREE Bed Cleaner (value of $15.00)
  • FREE Pillow (value of $36.40)
  • FREE $100 Amazon Gift Card (value of $100)

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Benefits of Red Visible Light Therapy!

  • Naturally promotes collagen and elastin production
  • Helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firms aged and tired skin
  • Smoothing of skin surface, reducing pore size
  • Moisturizes skin – a key component to a good skin care regimen
  • Reduces inflammation in skin conditions such as acne
  • Promotes oxygenation, detoxification and restoration of skin’s natural cellular activity
  • Style:  Bronzing Bed - 15 minute
  • Color:  Champagne
  • 26 Advantage Pink & Blue: Face / Arm / Body Combo Bronzing Lamps6
  • 6 Renew Plus Red Light UV Free Collagen Lamps
  • 1,000 hour Lamp Life Bronzing Lamps
  • Bronzing & Red Collagen Lamps:  32 Advantage & Renew Plus Lamps
  • Face & Neck & Chest:  6 Collagen Red UV Free Lamps
  • Face & Body:  10 Pink / Blue Bronzing Lamps
  • Face & Arm & Body:  8 Pink / Blue Bronzing Lamps
  • Body :  8 Blue Bronzing Lamps
  • Total Power:  2840 Watts
  • Lamp Reflectors:  High Gloss - Mirror Finish
  • Cooling System:  Head to Toe - Total Comfort
  • Timer - Digital:  Delayed Start / 2 Wake Up Alarms / Hour Counter / Safety Lock
  • Dimensions:  H 37 x W 32 x L 76 
  • Electrical :  120 volts / 20 amps
  • Standard Home Outlet

Timeless Beauty (Radiance) Trio Features:

  • Styling - Sleek and Beautiful 
  • Ultra Clear Acrylics for Perfect Bronzing 
  • Maximum Airflow - Quite Comfortable Bronzing
  • ESB Green Energy - Saves You Money
  • Safety Back Up Timer - Peace of Mind
  • Attractive Designer Pedestal
  • Bronzing Accessories: UV Eyewear, Lotions and Bed Cleaner
  • Premium Warranty - Enjoy Many Years of Unparalleled Performance
  • Conveniently Plugs Into 120 volt / 20 amp Household Outlet
  • Proudly Designed & Manufactured in the USA

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